Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A hypothetical question for my readers.

Some extremely dedicated bodybuilders can gain ~20LBS lean mass in a year. Lets say one were well compensated, totally consenting and it was completely painless for him to have a few pounds of muscle removed. he is in excellent health, free from any illness, non smoking and eats a diet of only whole foods. Would you eat some of the meat if offered? It can be prepared any way you would like. Leave a comment with your answer.


  1. i would....nt XD who would eat meat enhanced with steroids

  2. Meat's meat. We eat animals, human meat is the same meat. Except it is only fed differently depending on the person's age, diet.

    I would probably try a few bites, why not?

  3. yes...bcos i will absorb his power and become the one.

  4. I would not want to eat his sausage

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  5. oh lawl
    no i wouldnt
    maybe for some money =)

  6. I would not eat it

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  7. NO FUCKING WAY! are you out of your mind? never!!!! ewwwww.
    no pain, no gain bro. people who cheat by using roids and shit are losers, and trying to fastrack like this would put you on the same level.

  8. Why not? Cannibalism is actually fairly common in some cultures.